The Fashion Design Academy offers a 3-year Fashion Design Education.

Our ambition is to be a modern, timely and vocational higher education for people who want to work professionally as a designer in the fashion industry.

At the Fashion Design Academy we want to be known for educating designers who are broadly prepared for a career in the fashion industry both in Denmark and abroad.

We put great emphasis in developing your creative skills in design and illustration and to provide you with technical skills by respecting the crafting traditions.


The objectives of the education program is to provide you with professional knowledge, methodological skills and professional expertise so that you obtain qualifications equivalent to subsequently being able to hold a job as a designer in the fashion industry either through employment in a company or as an independent designer.

We emphasize that our education provides relevant skills in relation to specific job functions. It requires a good adaptability in relation to the current demands of the business, so that our students at any time – subsequently find that the educational content meets what is expected in practice.

To meet this we make sure to have professional, well trained and experienced teachers employed at the academy. And in combination with modern equipment and facilities we do our very best to inspire and prepare our students for a professional career in the fashion business.

If you want to attend a fully updated education as fashion designer with a professional and vocational focus, without the the expense of creative content, then an education at the Fashion Design Academy is a very good choice.

The education at the Fashion Design Academy is vocational education with a study period of three years. The total number of ECTS credits is 180.


Since this is a private education an education fee has to be paid to attend the academy. The current education fee is in total 194.000,- DKK. 15.000,- DKK is paid when you apply and the rest is paid monthly (7.500,- DKK) during the education program.

You must additionally cover all expenses for materials used in the teaching/projects and the creation of assignments, including expenses for the exam projects. For example. books, copies, fabrics, thread, paper, drawing tools etc. You also have to calculate expenses for two study tours and two fashion shows etc. during the education program.

The education program starts is in August every year. The lectures are in danish with the possibility of individual facilitation in english.

We take in aprox. 20 new students per year.

Admission Criteria

There are no general admission criteria, but knowledge and experience with apparel manufacturing will of course be an advantage.

Before admission you must book a personal interview with the headmaster of the academy. Admission follow the order of the interviews being held and candidates are found suitable.

For the personal interview you have to bring: A CV and possibly examples of own production, sketches and drawings. It is also important that you before the interview have looked thoroughly at our website to be acquainted with what our education is about and have made a realistic budget in order to be able to get a picture whether the economy is realistic throughout the course or not.

Students from Denmark can apply for SU –
Students from Norway can apply for funding support from lånekassen – www.lå
Students from Sweden can apply for funding support from CSN –
Students from Iceland can apply for funding support from LIN –